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Adventure Rapids

What are the general park rules?

  • It is mandatory to carry in the park the wristbands given at the entrance
  • Non-toilet trained children must wear leakproof diapers.
  • It is not convenient for our guests with a health problem (mentally and physically handicapped, heart, neck and back problems, pregnancy, epilepsy etc.) to use the rides.
  • All safety recommendations must be followed during the activities. Arms, legs and feet must be kept in proper position.
  • It is strictly forbidden to run, jump, dive headfirst and slide on knees at activity zones and on rides.
  • It is not convenient to wear clothes and accessories with zips, buckles or metals on them during the activities as they may cause snagging.
  • Measures must be taken to stop sunglasses, coins and accessories from falling off during activities.

Is towel service available?

You can buy towels from the shops in the park.

Are there any changing rooms?

There are separate changing rooms for our male and female guests.

Is locker service available?


What should I wear in the park?

We suggest that you wear comfortable clothes with which you can be protected from the sun rays. Swim suits etc. must not involve metal accessories on them during the activities. We suggest you wear slippers or trainers for your comfort.

Do you provide with boats and mats to slide?

Boats and mats are provided for free in the rides where these materials are used.

How many life guards are there?

You will be served by a team of life guards who are certified, specially-trained and appropriate in number as specified in life guards regulation published in the Official Gazette.

What is the air and water temperature?

Our pool temperature is 25-30°C in line with the general weather changes between May and September.

Can I buy in the park some of the things that I have forgotten? Is there a market?

In our park there is a market where you can meet your general needs. “Shopping Avenue” involves a large variety of shops inside The Land of Legends.

Can I bring food and beverage from outside?

As a hygiene and food safety requirement, it is not convenient to bring food and beverage into our park from outside. Food and beverage are served in the park all day long.

Can I come in back if I have to go outside the park?

The entrance fee you pay to our park is on daily basis. You can go in and out within the same day.

Is there a car park?

In our park, there is a car park for a total of 1300 vehicles including cars, motorbikes and buses. The car park service is for free.

How long is the validity of the park ticket?

This information will be stated on your ticket according to the package you choose.

Is there a group discount?

Special group discounts are available. If you wish, we can get the relevant department to contact you as soon as possible.

What is your full address and web address?

Address: Kadriye Mah. Atatürk Cad. Belek/Antalya Web:

Are there any conditions posing threat in the park? What are the safety measures you take?

All safety measures were taken in the park in compliance with national and international regulations.

Is there a customer shuttle to the park? If so, where is the starting point? (Antalya city centre, airport etc.)

As it is at a planning stage, you can get information on 444 99 13 when the shuttle service is ready.

Do you take water from the sea?

Sea water is used in our park for marine animals.

How many rides are there?

There are 12 ride groups for adults (min. height of a user is 120 cm) and 41 rides and 50 lines in total in our park, which are in common use.

How does it differ from other water parks?

Legend of Aqua is the largest water park in Europe. New age ride groups, themes composed with Roman style architecture, and sparkly landscape will enable you to spend hours of pleasure with your family. Under the same roof is “Waterfront Kingdom”, where you will have the chance to get to know closely various kinds of Mediterranean and ocean fish, dolphins, white whales ad walrus. You can even become friends with penguins.

Do you have insurance service?

All guests in our park are covered under third person financial liability insurance.

Is there an indoor facility where we can use in case it rains? Can we return the ticket?

Our park is an outdoor theme park. The park management can stop the activities whenever necessary. There is no refund in such cases. However, you may be given an open ticket for a later use.

What are appropriate ride groups for different age groups?

There is a height limit for our guests as required by our safety rules. Guests must be at least 120 cm tall at the rides for adults. These rides are:

  • MY DIVE (Secret Lagoon)
  • DEEP DIVE(Secret Lagoon)
  • TWISTER RACER (Secret Lagoon)

Guests must be minimum 100 cm tall at children rides. These rides are:

  • AQUA PLAY (Secret Lagoon)
  • SPRAY ACTION (Secret Lagoon)

What are the depths of the pools?

Pools and their depths in our park:

  • Wave Shock: Starting from 0 meter, the deepest spot is 200 cm (variable depth).
  • Flow Rider: Depth is 50 cm. It functions with pressurized water movement.
  • Infinity Pool: 140 cm of depth.
  • Activity Pool: 140 cm of depth.
  • Bubbles Wave: (Secret Lagoon) 160 cm of depth (variable depth).
  • Wild River: 110 cm
  • Lazy Floats (Secret Lagoon): 110 cm

How can I apply to work in your team?

If you wish to give a new direction to your career and become our team member, you can leave your contact information so that our human resources department can contact you.

What is the procedure for lost properties?

Lost property procedure is available in our Park. In such a case, you can ask for help from the nearest member of staff.

Are there any pathways for wheelchairs and pushchairs?

Road settings are organized for our guests with disabilities, and there are other regulations to facilitate their participation in the activities.

Who is the architect of the Park?

The architect of the park is Jack Rousse.

Is the Park open every day? What are the opening and closing hours?

The Park is open every day except Mondays. Working hours are from 10 am to 4:30 pm.
It may change according to seasonal changes and weather conditions.
You can visit from the very top of our web site the “Opening Hours” section for up-to-date informations.

Will there be a repeat guest discount?

We will have a variety of surprises for our repeat guests.

Are there sun loungers? Will they be charged extra fee?

The sun lounger service is provided for free in the Park.

Do you have a fire alarm system?

All fire measures were taken as required by the national legislation.

What are the activities as to age groups? What is the age limit to join the activities?

Activities :

  • Typhoon Coaster
  • 5th Dimension
  • Wild River
  • Lazy Floats (Secret Lagoon)

Rides :

  • Windstream
  • Abyss & Rafting Rapids
  • Aqua Play (Kids)
  • Challenger
  • Starship & My Dive (Secret Lagoon)
  • Deep Dive
  • Sea Voyager
  • Space Rocket
  • Upside – Down (Kids)
  • Challenger (Secret Lagoon)
  • Magicone
  • Rainbow (Kids)
  • Twister Racer (Secret Lagoon)
  • Family Floats
  • Speedway (Kids)
  • Towerfalls
  • Happy Waters (Kids)
  • Abyss (Secret Lagoon)
  • Upside- Down (Kids)
  • AquaTower (Kids)
  • Sprayaction

Pools :

  • Wave Shock
  • Surf Pool
  • Resort Pool
  • Activity Pool
  • Wave Ball Pool (Secret Lagoon)

Animals to see :

    • Penguins
    • Belugas
    • Underwater viewing
    • Sharks, and Ocean and Mediterranean fish

Programs with animals :

      • Dolphin (Encounter – Swimming)
      • Dolphins Up-Close Tour (Having your photographs taken)
      • Beluga Interaction Program (White whale)

Food and Beverage Units, Shopping zones :

      • Fast & Good
      • Main Giftshop & Market
      • Main Photo Office
      • Nemo Restaurant
      • Waterfront Kingdom Gift Shop & Market
      • Waterfront Kingdom Photo Office
      • Reef’s A la Carte Restaurant
      • Show Stadium Gift Shop & Market
      • Typhoon Coaster Photo Office
      • Penguins Gift Shop & Market
      • 5th Dimension Photo Office
      • Waterfront Kingdom Stadium Bar
      • Giftshop & Market (Secret Lagoon)
      • Thirsty Hut
      • Shoreline Restaurant (Waterfront Kingdom)
      • Wave Shock Tropical Bar
      • Secret’s Cusine (Secret Lagoon)
      • Terrace Bar
      • Kiosks
      • Penguin Up-Close Tour (Penguin)
      • Snorkeling

What is the procedure for lost children?

In such a case, you can ask for help from the nearest member of staff.

Where and what can we eat in the Park?

Many alternatives are available in the Park for you to get food and beverage service. These are:

      • Fast & Good
      • Nemo Restaurant
      • Resort Pool Bar
      • Penguins Gift Shop & Market
      • Show Stadium Bar
      • Surf Bar
      • Shoreline Restaurant
      • Wave Shock Tropical Bar
      • Main Restaurant (Secret Lagoon)
      • Terrace Bar (Secret Lagoon)
      • Kiosks (Ice-cream, Popcorn, Fresh Fruit Juice …)

Is it possible to pay by credit cards?

You can use the wristbands for all your spending in the Park. It is possible to pay for the wristbands by credit card and cash.

Is there a wheelchair renting service? Are there any wheelchairs specially designed for a water park?

There are wheelchairs specially designed for participating in some activities in the Park, and they are offered for free.

I am pregnant, what activities are suitable for me?

You should ask for your doctor’s recommendation.

What are the activities for people with disabilities?

Visually and physically handicapped guests may use the swimming pools in the Park.

Is there a photographer in the Park?

Video and photograph taking service is available for extra fee.

Can I bring my own sun lounger, chair or parasol?

Sun loungers and parasols are available for your comfort in the Park for free of charge.

Are there any pool toys and life vests?

All safety measures are taken in the Park as necessary. Life vests are available. Pool toys are also available for our young guests.

Is there a doctor and medical service?

First aid and doctor service is available in the Park as required by laws.

Can I bring my own icebox?

Such equipment is sufficiently available for your comfort in the Park.

What is the longest ride?

The longest ride, Typhoon Coaster, is 43 meters high and 525 meters long. The users must be at least 120 cm tall.

Are there any activities convenient for those who cannot swim?

Non-swimming guests may participate in appropriate activities by using appropriate devices to help them swim.

Is it mandatory to use diapers for children?

It is mandatory to use leakproof diapers as required by hygiene rules in children pools. You can buy it from our market if needed.

Is Wi-Fi service available?

Wi-Fi service is free of charge in the Park.

I am wearing glasses / contact lenses. Will it be a problem?

It is suggested that our guests use glasses that are corded or tied so that they will not fall off or be harmed during the activities. Our guests who wear contact lenses must be careful at rides where there are sharp falling actions.

Can I wear hashema in the Park?

You can be dressed as you wish according to your belief as long as they comply with hygiene rules in the Park.

Is there a prayer room?

There are two separate prayer rooms for male and female guests within the Park complex.

Can we organize special events (birthday organizations, wedding proposals, celebrations, graduation parties, concept parties, etc.)?

We will be pleased to organize events and parties special to you. For further details, please send us your contact information.

Is there a baby care room?”

Baby care unit is available in the Park.

Will it be possible to come to the Park if I stay at a hotel other than Rixos hotels?”

Our park is open to everyone.

Secret Lagoon

Can I use the Park on menstruation days?

As to hygiene rules, we will be pleased to welcome you except for these days.

Are there female life guards?

Female life guards work in this part of our Park.

Can I use my accessories such as earrings, wristbands, or watches?

We do not suggest you use them in terms of your safety.

Is it possible to reserve the “Secret Lagoon” specially for groups?

Secret Lagoon can be reserved for special groups in line with demand and designed in a way that cannot be seen from outside.

Is there a Cabana?

Cabana service is available for extra fee.

Waterfront Kingdom

I would like to swim with the dolphins, but will it be a problem to wear contact lenses, necklaces, piercing etc.?

We suggest you do not use any accessories for the animals’ safety and your own safety.

What should I do to swim with the dolphins?

Our team of Parkians is in charge with fulfilling all your wishes in the Park. Our team will take your reservation on an appropriate date and time. You can visit and book your reservation in our customer services and booking office in the Park.

What should I wear while watching the shows?

You can watch the shows as appropriate to our general park rules.

Are there official documents for the animals?

All animals in our Park have universally accepted documents.

What is the square meter size of the place where the animals live?

The animals in the Park live within areas which are in line with the international specifications with respect to the appropriate meter squares.

What are they fed on?

They are fed on what exists in the food mix in line with what is in their natural environment.

What is the water like?

The animals live in sea water, which is prepared by experts considering the sea water parameters suitable for their habitat, and which is supported by life support unit, and complying with international standards.

Is it safe to swim with sea animals?

All animals in the park are our friends so you can be sure that spending time with you is the most enjoyable moments for them too.

Do the animals enjoy the shows as much as we do?

The animals in the Park will enjoy your company while playing their favourite games in their shows.

What are the depths of the pools in which the sea animals live?

The sea depths are arranged in accordance with international standards and meet our animals’ needs.

Can we organize special events (birthday organizations, wedding proposals, celebrations, graduation parties, concept parties, etc.)?

We will be pleased to organize events and parties special to you. For further details, please send us your contact information.

Can pregnant women join the activities?

There are suitable activities for our pregnant guests. Still, you should ask for your doctor’s recommendation.

Can my family film me?

Your family can film you in some restricted areas.

How long do the animals (species) in the Park live?

All animals in the world have a life span, so do our animal friends in the Park. Their life span in their habitat will be as long as it is in an environment which is suitable for their habitat.

How many types of dolphins are there?

A single type of dolphin, which is a Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops Truncatus Gilli) lives in the Park.

How do they sleep?

Sea mammals sleep by closing one half of their brain, and one eye, which is at the opposite side.

Will I harm them if I join the activity?

Once you strictly obey the rules to be explained in the briefing that you will attend before the programme, it will prevent any harm from happening to our animals.

How do they contact to each other?

Our animal friends in the Park have special communication methods, specific to their species. For example; the sounds made by dolphins enable them to communicate with each other

What should I wear if I want to join the activities?

You can join the activities by wearing diving costumes that you can obtain from our Park for free.

Can I bring my own costumes?

We believe that the hygienic conditions in the living space of our animal friends are as important to you as they are to us. We suggest that you borrow hygienic diving costumes in the Park.

Can I wear sunscreen?

Yes, you can. Animal-friendly sunscreens that you can get from our Park will make our animal friends happier.

Can I join the programme with my prosthesis?

We can provide you with special programmes in which you can join without your prosthesis.

Will I be infected if I join the programme?

Our Park is in accordance with European standards with respect to hygiene rules. As attending the programmes with an open wound will not be suitable for our animal friends, we will be pleased to welcome you when you get well.

What do you do when the animals get sick or wounded?

Our animals are treated in a medical pool under the healing schedule of our expert vets for marine life.

Why don’t you release the animals to the nature?

Our friends were born within park conditions in which they are adapted now. The best environment for them to lead a healthy life is again under park conditions.

Do you have special applications for guests with disabilities? Can I chat to the trainers?

Our trainers will surely be glad to chat to you. We offer special therapy programmes for our guests with disabilities (physically, mentally, visually and hearing-impaired)

Kingdom Hotel By Rixos

What are the full address and the web address of the Hotel?

Address: Kadriye mah. Atatürk cad. Belek/Antalya Web:

What is the concept of your hotel?

Our Hotel serves on Half Board basis and Bed & Breakfast.

Is there a shuttle service to the airport?

There is no shuttle service to the airport; however, you can get to the airport by taxi in 25–30 minutes. Also, we can provide transfer for extra fee. You can get detailed information on 444 99 13.

Is there a prayer room in your Hotel?

You can use the prayer room at the Shopping Avenue.

Is there a beach at the hotel?

Our hotel guests can use the beach at Rixos Hotel Premimum Belek with advantageous conditions.

How far is it from the Hotel to the airport?

27 km. It takes 25-30 minutes from the airport to the hotel under normal weather and road conditions.

How does your Hotel differ from other hotels?

One of the world’s biggest theme parks is inside our Hotel, in which you will receive outstanding service and where the rooms and spaces are designed specially for children to let them experience a fairy world, which is fabulous and comfortable, with a special decoration creating a sense of “living an adventure”.

Is marriage license necessary for the check in?

No, not necessary. Only honeymoon couples must present the marriage license as they get a discount for the accommodation.

Are there wheelchairs for the guests with disabilities?

We have a wheelchair service. Also, our guest relations team is ready to assist you for all your requests.

Is smoking allowed at the Hotel?

Smoking indoors is forbidden as required by the Law No 4207, The Law on Prevention and Control of Hazards of Tobacco Products. It is possible to smoke outdoors.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are not allowed in our Hotel.

Are guns allowed?

Guns are not allowed in the hotel at all. Guns are taken at the hotel entrance and kept in the Safe Box.

Is Wi-Fi service available?

Free Wi-Fi service is available.

Can the guests staying at Rixos Hotels in Antalya enter the Park for free?

All our guests staying at any one of the Rixos Hotels in Antalya can enterthe Park and get a shuttle service for free during their stay.

Are smoking rooms available?

Due to the children theme of our Hotel, it is only possible to smoke in the zones where smoking is legally allowed.

Are room safes available?

Room safes are available for free.

What are the room types?

At our hotel, there are standard rooms,  disabled rooms, connected rooms, private suites, presidential suite. All rooms compose 100% woolen carpets, play station and a double screen TV, a terrace /balcony. All rooms will make you feel the privileged comfort with their distinctive and fabulous designs. All special suites and connected family rooms have BARCOvision facility.

I would like to have my clothes washed. What can I do? Is dry-cleaning facility available?

Laundry and dry-cleaning service is available for extra fee.

Is booking necessary for the restaurants?

Booking is necessary for all restaurants except for the self-service buffet.

Where can I get late breakfast?

You can ask for late breakfast from the room service for extra fee.

Is Spa Centre available?

Spa is available with “Unisex” and “Only Lady” sections. You will have unforgettable moments at the spa including Turkish bath, sauna, steam room and special cure for you.

What are the sports activities at the Hotel?

Modern fitness equipments are available at the gym where you can continue your sports habit nonstop.

What should I do to hire a car?

Our concierge department will assist you to hire a car.

What entertaining activities are available inside the Hotel and what time are they on?

Shopping Avenue will be an ideal choice for you with its lively night life and enjoyable surprises.

Can the Hotel guests enter the Park free of charge?

All our guests can enjoy the Park free of charge.

The Avenue

How much will be the rents?

Mergen Danışmanlık (Consultancy) will be carrying out the rentals. Please leave your contact information so that our authorized team members can contact you for more information.

We would like to open a shop for Optic/Jewelry/Watch brands. Who should we contact?

You will be contacted with pleasure if you leave your contact information.

Are there a baby care unit and a pushchair service?

A baby care room and a pushchair service are available.

Is a prayer room available?


Is Wi-Fi available?


Is ATM available?


Are wheelchairs available?