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GIZIA, is a brand which is fast achieving its ambitious objectives with its experience of near 30 years and its strong infrastructure and the power of its international business understanding while it is successfully representing Turkish fashion in the international arena.

Being an outstanding employer, GIZIA has grasped the importance of adopting a team-work approach to success by injecting all of its personnel and especially its designing team with the GIZIA spirit and professionalism. Applying a manufacturing process with full compliance to international quality standards has a big share in the high export success achieved by GIZIA.

GIZIA collections which are produced in “haute couture” quality and known by the codes “chic”, “feminine” and “sophisticated”, are on sales throughout the world and mainly in // especially at the Middle East, the US, Eastern Europe, Central Asia as and Europe. In addition to textile products, GIZIA offers leather crafts such as footwear and bags as well as scarves and shawls in its vast range of product collections.

Contact: +90 242 725 66 94


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