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+90 242 444 99 13

A great choice for action

Want some action? Turbolance in Secret Lagoon is a great choice. Be prepared for a steep first drop, then being pushed uphill, followed by a reverse ride down, over a bump and finally a wet landing in the splash pool.

Working Days: Everyday

Working Hours: Closed

MinHeight (cm): 120

Pregnancy: Unacceptable

Handicapped: Unacceptable

Heart&TensionDisease: Unacceptable

Depth (m): 1,2

Wide (cm): 140

Speed (m/sn)-(m3/h): 280

Education: %20/40

Time (s): 30

StartType: BOAT 1-2-3

LineQuantity: 1


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Your own Secret Lagoon

Have something to celebrate with your family and friends? A special meeting planned at work? Secret Lagoon has it all, a beautiful beach, exciting slides and a pool. Make it all yours for a day.

Walking with fish

No, we’re not a safari park. But you can still go on one. Under water, of course. The Mythical Journey attraction is a unique and convenient way of interacting with colourful and fascinating marine life. An unforgettable experience.